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Running a Successful Meet with Restrictions

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Many of you are returning to competition planning for your organization. Due to a wide range of restrictions depending on the region you’re in or the facility you use, this can mean that athlete participants for meets might be still be limited to a certain number. Because of this, many teams may be asking the question

“How do we restrict the number of participants for a meet in TeamUnify?”

Read below for several useful tips in achieving restrictions for your team.

Volunteer Sign-Ups

The job signup tool allows you to create and restrict a certain number of “slots” for accounts to come in and sign up for a specific session of the meet. The account can then use the optional contact information box to fill the events they would like to swim.

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Restricting Sign Ups to Certain Roster Groups

Under the email notifications tab of the event an admin can restrict by roster group or location. That means in order to sign up for the meet you must be affiliated with that specific roster or location.

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Limiting to a Certain Amount of Participants

Admins can use the commitment long under the committed athletes tab to see who signed up and in what order. Admins can then approve by those who registered on a first come first serve basis.

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Email to Only Specific Attendees

After a meet event has been created the admin can hide the event from the public and select to private. The admin will then copy /paste the event URL to an email that they then send out to specific accounts they are choosing to participate in the meet. Once the accounts have received the URL they can enter the edit commitment section to commit their members.

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Need Further Assistance?

If you have any further questions on how to run a successful meet with restrictions, please contact your account manager or our support team at the “Need Help?” button on your team website.

Good luck!

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