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Graphic Design 101: Keep It Simple

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When building a TeamUnify Website there is a multitude of graphic options to customize and turn on. However, one of the oldest sayings still rings true..."Keep It Simple".

Adding too much to your website can create distractions and keep potential members away. You can confuse your guests and you may lose traffic because they don't know where to go, what to read, and how to interact with your website. To help keep your site simple follow these rules: 

Use a Simple or Textured Background Image

TU - Image Best Practice


Hide Items You Do Not Update Regularly - News/Events/Sponsors or Partners


Keep Your Colors Simple and Coordinated


Remove Duplicate Buttons and Links



Turn Off/On Your Swim-A-Thon at the Appropriate Times

The Results:

When comparing a site that has followed these instructions and one that has not, we can clearly see the difference and the appeal. A clean and clutter-less site will direct website traffic where you want them to go when you want them to go there. So take control of your TeamUnify site and Keep It Simple!

Without following Graphic Design 101:

Following Graphic Design 101:

Investing to improve your team's image will impact the way current and potential members experience your online brand. A professional online presence is more important than ever in today's digital world. The average TeamUnify website sees thousands of page views from potential and current members; it's time to let each of them know how great your team is. 

If you are interested in taking your image and TeamUnify site to the next level our team of graphic designers will work with you to truly customize your website. Our graphic designers have worked with hundreds of teams and can customize all areas of your site to create a truly original swim team website. Click the button below to learn more.




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