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Four Reasons You Should Have a Lessons Program

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Swimming lessons programs can contribute to a swim team’s success. This has never been more evident than for the Kingsport Piranhas. Their Learn to Swim Development Program has been critical for the team’s longevity. It has grown the team, provided job training and employment for its swimmers, provided role models, and most importantly generated revenue.

1. Use a lessons program as a “feeder” to your team

The Piranhas lessons program has been the main feeder program that has grown the competitive swim team consistently since its inception. Their typical process is for children to learn to swim in the program, and then move onto the Mini Piranhas swim team. During this phase of instruction, they learn starts, turns, and all the strokes, and move into the competitive program. Jorge Blasini, the owner of the team, reports that “90% of the competitive team has come from the lessons program” and “Lessons are critical to our team’s development.”

2. Provide employment opportunities for the members of your competitive team

The Piranhas lessons program has helped older swimmers on the team by providing them jobs as instructors. Swim team members that express an interest in these employment opportunities learn how to teach, become certified instructors, and earn an income. “It’s a win-win for everyone,” says Jorge. 

3. Provide mentorship and role models for aspiring swimmers

In some cases, these instructors have bonded with the lessons students, and have become role models to the children. These relationships tend to be rewarding for both the children and the instructors, providing motivation to continue with the sport. In addition, typically the instructors become the new swimmers’ mentors once they are on the team.

4. It generates significant revenue

The Learn to Swim Development Program generates significant revenue for the Piranhas. An ongoing lessons program like theirs produces a steady stream of income. The revenue from the lessons program assists in paying the bills, and can cover many of the costs of running a team. “Lessons is the secret to the team’s longevity. The team wouldn’t exist without our Lessons program” - Jorge Blasini, Owner of the Kingsport Piranhas 

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