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Filter and Combine Your Meet Types and Lengths Like Never Before

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Great news for all those teams using the top times reports. There are two new features that will help you organize top times. First, you can now select and view results by multiple meet types and second, you can now simplify your top times reports by combining and converting course lengths into one report.

For starters, coaches may want to categorize certain meet results by meet type. As a reminder, you can differentiate between meet types such as high school meets vs. official USA-S meets, or even levels like 1-4 for Swim England meets. Each of these can be set up independently and then assigned to a meet once results have been uploaded.

Meet Type Sets screenshot

Many Swim England teams will find this helpful to create meet types for the different licensed meet levels. If you set up meet types in this fashion, you can then pull a top times report filtered by meet type to check on swimmer's personal bests that you can use when entering into different level meets.

For example, if you mark all level 2 meets (regional qualifiers) you can then filter just those meet types when looking to see who qualifies for National, Regional and County championships in short course.

Meet type edited screenshot

What's new is that you can now select and view results from multiple meet types in the same Top Times Report. Just click select next to the Meet Type field, check the ones you want, click Select, and run your report.

Next, within the filters you now have the ability to combine LCM and SCM times into a single Top Times Report. For example, just choose L & S -> L to convert them all to LCM times, or L & S -> S to convert them all to SCM times.

Course type dropdown screenshot

Note: When combining course types, some events will not be converted. For example, selecting L & S -> L will show a 25 SCM backstroke time as the same LCM time. That's because no one swims a 25 meter backstroke in an LCM pool.

These new tools should really help you get the top times you are looking for and we are excited to see how coaches use these tools to build top times reports. If you would like a deeper dive into TeamUnify top times reporting, you can read step-by-step instructions in our knowledge base.

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