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Eight TeamFeed Posts That Share What Swimming is All About

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As you might have discovered in your OnDeck application or on your team site, TeamFeed is now live for SwimOffice Pro customers! The first week has been crazy. With over 1,000 posts already created and shared, we can't wait to see how teams will take this new social sharing platform to new heights. 

Because we are so excited about how TeamFeed is helping teams connect, we wanted to share the awesome ways that administrators are sharing what is going on with their teams and why we love them so much!

Information + Pictures = Perfect

Jeanine Serrano | La Crosse Area Family YMCA Swim Team

Why We Love It:

Jeanine gives the perfect blend of information and pictures to let her team know what is going on, what to expect, and even when to meet. Helping tell your story is what TeamFeed is all about!

We are super excited to see teams like the La Crosse Area Family YMCA Swim Team use TeamFeed to connect and inform their members.

Show Off That Killer New Gear

Matt Sprang | Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Club

Why We Love It:

Did you get new toys for your team this year, Matt?

Showing off your new training gear or updating families on the cool new stuff going on at the pool is a great way to engage your team. You might even draw a new swimmer or two onto your team who want to use the latest and greatest gear!


Sharing Who's There

Marta Blesh | Fredericton Aquanauts Swim Team

Why We Love It:

Let everyone know who showed up and maybe coax the early morning no shows to show next time?

Beyond just a motivator, this is a great post to look back on years from now and see the crew you coached or the athletes your kids swam with. Nice shot, Marta!


New Swag!

Alexis Keto | New Trier

Why We Love It:

TeamFeed is a great way to share new team swag! Loving the quick pic of the team cap with the swimmers in the background. A great way to kick the season off. Makes us wonder, who gets to breathe in that new cap smell?


New Drill Mania 

Beth Paskoff | Rockwood Swim Club

Why We Love It:

Swimming is what we are all about and sharing what is going on at practice is a great way to show parents the value of your team.

This also looks like a super fun team bonding drill. We couldn't pass it up! Who doesn't want to push their bestie down the pool by their head?


Wednesday's Got Us Like...

Noah Prtichard | Columbia Aquatics Association

Why We Love It:

Photos in the pool are great, don't get us wrong, but your team does so much more than laps and drills in the pool. We just love the post, love the pic, love that you don't see this every day from swim teams. Keep the sharing up Clippers...or maybe just continue napping...just kidding!

The Quintessential Team Photo

Cindy Kamp | Powel Crosley Jr. YMCA Tigersharks

Why We Love It:

Kids, pool, kickboards, goggles, fins, that one kid that is way too happy, and the five kids who forgot you were taking the photo...this has got it all. 

This sums up what it is like to be a coach and it is perfect. Share the fun, share the chaos, share it all, that is what TeamFeed is all about. 


Noreen Marando | United Swim Association

Why We Love It:

Who doesn't love a good pose with a superstar, even if he is just a poster? Maybe someday you will meet the real thing, girls!

Also, we just love the hashtag, #dreaming, it is so clever! The random memories in life and with your swim team are some of the best. Don't forget to post the funnies to share the fun with your whole team.

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