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COVID Restrictions Drew Deben SC to TeamUnify

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Deben Swimming Club had three simple goals during COVID: To keep their swimmers and coaches connected, active, and safe. Realising that goal required a coordinated effort from everyone involved, as well as the smart, strategic use of TeamUnify technology.

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Name: Stephen Bunclark
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What the club up against

Like many athletic programmes, Deben Swimming Club has faced uncertainty over the past year. New regulations and new tracking requirements necessitated quicker data sharing and communication between coaches and administrators. This forced Deben Swimming Club to streamline all their internal processes to keep swimmers safe and training in the pool.

What TeamUnify did to help

With new COVID-regulations, Deben Swimming Club reevaluated how they conduct everything from swimmer registration to training coordination. Then they made proactive changes, always looking for ways technology could improve their processes. 

One piece of technology that was crucial to their adjustments was TeamUnify’s OnDeck mobile app. “By using the app, we shifted registration to pool-side,” notes Stephen Bunclark, ROLE, at Deben SC. “That meant we could keep swimmers and parents out of crowded rooms and lines.”

They’ve also been utilising TeamUnify’s registration page to work as a COVID tracker. Prior to a gala, Deben SC requires 48-hour advanced registration. “We have all swimmers certify swimmers are experiencing no COVID symptoms,” says Bunclark. “We can also track attendance down to the lanes, for easy tracking should swimmers have a possible exposure risk.” 

TeamUnify is even helping improve performance in the pool. “We’ve used the Coaching Tools to better share information and training programmes among coaches,” says Bunclark. “We have such a wealth of information at this club, and now we can share it all quickly and easily.”

What the impact was

TeamUnify has helped Deben SC stay compliant with new and shifting regulations, keeping their swimmers active through the COVID-related changes. They’ve also streamlined registration processes, united their coaches’ knowledge bases, and tracked potential COVID exposure risks. Asked for his thoughts on the role TeamUnify has played at Deben SC, Bunclark says, “It’s been a true lifesaver, saving our coaches time and, most importantly, keeping our athletes in the pool.”



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