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3 Tips to a Successful Swim Team Fundraiser

TU Tips and Tricks Three Tips Article


THIS IS YOUR #1 PRIORITY!! Teams that stay on top of getting communication out about their event greatly increase their participation which equates to more donors and more money raised. The promotion section of TUMoney will get all of the information out to the right people at the right time. It's as easy as selecting your contacts, choosing a template, and sending. Voila! TeamUnify does the heavy lifting for you. Time to be efficient and effective while always looking professional.


Kids love to earn prizes for their hard work and TeamUnify has given you the ability to create incentives for all levels. Your kids get to watch as they get closer to each level and each incentive. This generates the excitement and motivation needed in order to help the fundraiser be more successful than ever before. If you ever need help generating ideas, we have a lot to share! Please do not hesitate to reach out. 

3. Team Stat Reports - REAL TIME ALL THE TIME!

Having a complete picture of where you stand with your fundraiser on an hour-by-hour basis has not been possible until now. TeamUnify’s fundraising system keeps you in the ‘know’ every second of the day. One of my favorite features of TUMoney is our report that breaks down each participant; how much they have raised, if they have sent emails out, and when, if they have looked at their profile, and even which roster group and location they are in. This information is vital to making sure you mitigate any reason for not exceeding your goals and expectations. When you can get down to the nitty-gritty of what is really going on, you gain a wealth of knowledge. Numbers and stats don’t lie!


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