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SportsEngine Announces New Master Brand

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Founded in 2004, SportsEngine strives to improve the lives and experiences of everyone involved in youth sports.

For more than two decades, we’ve been dedicated to building technology that drastically improves organization operations, promotes sports participation, and helps local sports organizations thrive. In this time, SportsEngine has grown to be the gold standard of youth sports technology. Now part of NBCUniversal’s NBC Sports Next division focusing on technology and innovation, “The Home of Youth Sports™” is taking its connected network of products to another level under one master brand.

From SportsEngine HQ, GoMotion, TeamUnify, Tourney Machine, AES, and many more products, SportsEngine continues to deliver best-in-class technology for youth sports families, administrators, and coaches—now under one name.

“SportsEngine’s products have long been connected behind the scenes, all serving youth sports but separated by name,” says Nicole Roach, Vice President of Marketing at SportsEngine. “We’re now aligned with this unified portfolio to showcase our all-encompassing solutions for youth sports.”

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“Unifying our products and our brands will allow SportsEngine to innovate even faster, providing new features and opportunities to enhance the experience for youth sports families, administrators, and volunteers,” says Jody Vogelaar, Chief Marketing Officer of NBC Sports Next.

What comes next

For our current customers, the day-to-day functionality of our technology will continue unaffected throughout this rebranding. You will notice logo updates throughout our websites and applications, but everything else is business as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this cause changes to any features or platform functions?
A: The rebrand will not prompt any changes to existing platform features or functions. As always, we will continue to make improvements to the user experience and add features you need to be successful.

Q: Is there any change to my pricing structure or subscription?
A: No. At this time, your subscription price and structure are unaffected, and any payment processing rates previously agreed to are still in effect. If changes to your subscription ever occur, you will receive ample notification.

Q: Do I use the same mobile app?
A: Yes! You will continue to use the same mobile app you are currently using. You may notice logo and brand name updates, but the features and functionality remain the same.

Q: Will there be any interruption in service during the rebrand?
A: No. All platform operations will continue normal functions.

Q: Does this update affect my data, privacy, or security?
A: SportsEngine maintains high standards when it comes to data privacy, security, and PCI compliance. This rebrand will not change anything regarding SportsEngine’s standards in handling your organization’s data, privacy, and security. Read our Privacy Policy here.

Q: How do I learn more about the products SportsEngine offers?
A: You can visit our product websites to learn more about what we offer for youth sports organizations. Visit the SportsEngine HQ website to learn more about our offerings for Soccer, baseball, hockey, and other team sports. Visit SportsEngine Motion to find more information for dance, all star cheer, gymnastics, martial arts, and other class-based businesses. Find more information for swimming clubs, teams, and schools at our TeamUnify website. Visit the Tourney Machine website to learn about setting up tournaments for youth sports programs. And use our AES website for more information on setting up and managing events in volleyball.

Questions? Reach out to your organization’s dedicated account manager or contact [email protected] to learn more.

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