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Upcoming Season Management Releases in SportsEngine HQ

Season Mgt - Upcoming releases

Over the past several months, there have been significant enhancements to our season management tools. To get the full scoop on everything new, check out the resources below: 


While we have been excited to help customers make the most of these new tools, our product team continues their work to deliver new and improved features based on the feedback we receive from customers like you.  

We'll cover some of the upcoming releases and what they mean for your organization below:

  • Team Page Templates: For many organizations who have been with us for years, you are used to the concept of a team page on your organization’s website. We’ll deliver a solution to this to ensure you’ve got the necessary tools to showcase teams, rosters, and schedules on your website. 
  • Public Rosters: We understand that many organizations want to make rosters available to the public; we’ll be releasing this capability so that you can increase exposure for athletes. 
  • Email Communication on the Mobile App – sending email via the mobile app will enhance your organization’s ability to keep teams, coaches, and families connected outside of chat and push notifications.  
  • Events on your Season Site - all events, like practices and team meetings, will be included on your team’s microsite so families can view everything they need from a single schedule view.
  • Schedule Integrations – we know many organizations have complex scheduling needs. While our scheduling assistant can handle nearly all of them, we want to ensure you have access to integrated scheduling partners to help you with the rest.  
  • Copy a Season – when your next season is coming up, you’ll be able to easily copy & duplicate last year’s season to save you valuable set-up time in the future. The more you use SportsEngine, the easier everything gets.  
  • Advanced Conflict Checking – conflict checking will extend to events and practices, helping to ensure you don’t have any errors in your schedules.  
  • Recurring Events – when scheduling, it’s common for a specific period of time or an entire season for your teams to have events on the same days, times, and locations. We will release functionality to make scheduling these a breeze.  

We are excited to bring you these feature enhancements soon; we understand that you may have questions on how to accomplish your organization’s goals in the meantime. Our community is great for asking questions and hearing from other youth sports admins like you.

Have additional questions related to Season Management in SportsEngine HQ?  

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