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Roadmap to Success: Registration Building


Phase 2: Lesson 1

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Congrats! We’ve made it through the first phase of the Roadmap to Success. While you may go at a different pace, or in your own order, what’s important is you plan your work and work your plan. (Thanks Dad, I still remember that.) It’s time now to move on to our next phase, which focuses on getting our sign up registrations ready. 

Let me start by talking a bit about what registration is. If you are reading this, you’re probably aware of the fact that you need  kids to sign up for your programs, but I want to make sure we all level set on how we view the registration process for SportsEngine. 

Registration is a workflow. It’s your opportunity to get as much information from participants as possible, so you have what you need for the season: 

  • Parents login or create accounts and are connected to the athletes they are registering
  • Full contact info is added or updated
  • Selection of programs to sign up for
  • Payment plans are offered and selected
  • Acknowledgment and acceptance of documents

And in some cases:

  • Collection of birth certificates/identity verifications
  • Photos 
  • Donations
  • Registration insurance

The above isn’t an exhaustive list. You may have additional things to collect. In fact, you should meet with your account manager, who, every day, works with customers just like you. They see best practices and can help recommend considerations that would be valuable for you. A lot of this data is also used in the near future to create groups, send invoices, create rosters, add schedules to the mobile app, and run reports. It’s crucial you get it right early, so you aren’t missing out later. 

Once you’ve determined when  you want to make your registration available, set up a meeting with your SportsEngine account manager at least 30 days prior to that date.  During this meeting, you should review your existing registration, identify any opportunities to improve it, and kick off getting your new registration ready to go. 

Next time, we’ll look at building a communication plan to your members. For those of you who have used SportsEngine in the past, we will also look at creating groups to market to previously registered athletes, and utilize the all-new Design Center in HQ to create some professional quality social media graphics.