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Roadmap to Success: Communicate with Teams

Roadmap to Success: Communicate with Teams

Phase 4: Lesson 2

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When you added athletes and coaches to the rosters, that task automatically adds the teams to everyone's ‘team list’ in the SportsEngine mobile app. Now they can start chatting and sending messages to other families on the team.

Additionally, coaches and team managers can start adding games and events to their schedule. However, if you have schedules to post, it’s easy to do for one team or for dozens of teams, by using additional tools inside SportsEngine HQ.

Specifically, we’ll use the schedule uploader. In SportsEngine HQ, go to Competition->Schedule Upload. You’ll then be able to upload your CSV file with all of the events you want to add to your team schedules. Here’s a pretty thorough tutorial on the steps


Communicate Schedules/Team Information

Now, it’s up to you when to post your schedules. Some leagues upload the schedules before teams are assembled, some wait until after. Either way, you have the flexibility to decide when is best to upload and make these available.

We do recommend sending out an email letting everyone know that they now have access to view their schedule. It’s pretty simple from the Groups section of your HQ member directory. Here's how

Phase 4: Lesson 3

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Send Invoices

It’s pretty standard for clubs to create “roster fees” or “season assessments” based on rosters. An easy way to collect these fees is by using invoicing in SportsEngine HQ. In the same way, you can click on a roster in the member directory to send a message, you can just as quickly send an invoice. Here's how >

You’ve completed the Roadmap to Success!

Congratulations, you’ve made it! We hope the Roadmap to Success has helped you find success in your season planning.