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Roadmap to Success: Advertise Your Programs

Roadmap to Success: Advertise Your Programs

Phase 3: Lesson 1

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Execute Your Communications Pan

We previously talked about how to put together your communications plan and list out “Who, what, and when.” It’s time to begin to execute on that.

Here are some tips:

Current Participants - Leverage your past registrations. In fact, create a new smart group in SportsEngine HQ that has all of your past participants who are eligible for the new program. Maybe create a smart group based on age. Then, put a filter on it that excludes registrants in your new program. This way, when you go back to email over and over, it will automatically remove those who have already registered.

New participants - These are the harder ones to connect to. Make sure your website is up to date, and also that your brand new program registration is listed on It’s simple to do and you can customize your program listings with new photos geared towards your program. It may also make sense to offer a “come check us out” day where you invite athletes, coaches, and current families to introduce new families to your sport. Try “whatever” for Free Days have been wildly popular to get new athletes into sports. Best of all, if you set up a registration for a “Try for Free” day, you can collect and begin communicating with those new families. 

What should you do?:

Here are some things you should do in support of your communications plan:

  • Add a call to action on your homepage to drive to registrations
  • Build a “New to our Club” webpage
  • Share photos on your social media
  • Consider a good old fashioned direct mail piece
  • Ask your current athletes/membership to reach out to their friends
  • Update your listings
  • Print out some flyers in the HQ Design Center and post around town

Track Your Success

It’s good to see how things are doing. All this work will pay off, but you’ll want to track along the way. On your SportsEngine HQ Dashboard you’ll be able to track:

  • Number of registrations
  • Viewers to your listings

What’s Next?

Getting through registration is pretty exciting. Next time, we’ll look at how to best set up your teams and rosters so that your coaches, managers, and families are set up for success. This part really is the most valuable part of SportsEngine (in my opinion) so be sure to check out the next edition.