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New Registration Features in SportsEngine HQ Increase Flexibility and Streamline the Process for Collecting Funds

Invoicing with HQ

SportsEngine HQ is in the process of rolling out a new series of features to simplify handling registration fees. In the Financials tab of SportsEngine HQ, you will find three new options 1) Sale Items 2) Payment Terms 3) Discounts. Each option adds additional flexibility for registrars when setting up fees for a program.  Here are the highlights of these new features.

Sale Items & Payment Terms

Enhanced flexibility in Sale Items and the new Payment Terms replace and enhance the old Store Items and Payment Plan features. Now, Sale Items allow you to define if a full, partial, or no payment is due when receiving a bill or completing a registration. If you choose no payment is required upfront, you can then offer terms like Net 30 or Net 15 for that first payment. 

HQ Sale Item Screenshot


In addition to the existing Individual Discounts and Reusable Discount codes, you can now create Automatic Discounts. Automatic Discounts will appear automatically in your customer's checkout. These discounts can be either a dollar amount or a percentage off AND can have a maximum dollar off amount.

HQ Discounts Step 1


Say your organization offers a 15% Early Bird sign-up discount for all programs with a maximum program discount of $30.00. In the past, there was an easy way to create or cap the discount amount. Now, you can cap the total dollars at $30.00. Any programs that were over $200.00 would only receive $30.00. 

HQ Discount Step 2

In addition to capping the discount, you can apply the discount to a specific sale item, such as the main program fee. Any other sale items in the order, like uniforms or donation fees, would be excluded. Other options include applying the discount to the lowest-priced item in the order, the maximum number of times the discount can be used, and when it is available. 

In addition to these new features, HQ has integrated walk-through help. This wizard provides clear direction and information on what needs to be added at each step and provides a summary of all the details of the discount created. 

HQ Discount Summary Screenshot

All of these features streamline the setup process and reduce the amount of time it takes to get your registration online. If you don't see these new features in your HQ instance, they will be rolling out over the next several weeks. 


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