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Keep your Online Presence Flourishing in Less Time

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Today, 97% of people start with Google or Facebook to find local businesses to visit instead of exclusively looking up specific business websites, according to And, I’d be willing to bet, 97% of studio, gym, and facility owners have a Google and/or Facebook account for your business, in addition to your website. (Hint: If you don’t, you should! Check out the links at the bottom).

Even based on our own Google and Facebook behavior, it’s not hard to believe these channels' importance and effectiveness for small businesses. Everything from the most basic of information- your business location, hours of operation, and website URL, to having positive reviews written about you and engaging photos posted, are all ingredients of standing out online to keep your customers engaged and future customers interested.

But what about your time? There’s truly never enough of it, and certainly, none to spare on completing the same task over and over and over again to ensure you’re doing the right things online for your business. 


Get ready for The GoMotion business publisher

There is nothing more important to us than making your life as a studio, gym, or facility owner easier, so you can spend most of your time focused on your families and the sport you love. 

The GoMotion Business Publisher is designed to give you complete control over your Google My Business listing and Facebook account directly from your GoMotion website- so you only need to make updates, respond to reviews, post photos, and so much more- one time, and push to every profile instantly- keeping that precious free time safe. 

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Okay, sounds amazing, give me more details!
Here’s everything you'll be able to do:
  • Update your business name, location, hours of operation, contact information, and website URL and push to your other business profiles.

  • Take photos and videos from your recent meet or event. In addition to posting to your SocialFeed, send directly to Google and/or Facebook.

  • Send a notification to your members, asking them to write a review on your Google or Facebook profile. Once they do, respond to their review directly from your website.

Even more- coming later!
  • When you create a new registration, add custom CTA (Call-to-action) buttons to your profiles to drive more traction for sign-ups.

  • In addition to Google and Facebook,, the largest youth sports directory in the world, will be added to the integration arsenal, allowing you to get in front of thousands of parents looking for sign-ups.

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First things first...

Don’t have a Google business account? Get one for free today
Don’t have a Facebook profile for your business? Get one for free today

This is great, but I need some help executing

Feel free to fill out this form, and one of our GoMotion experts will be in touch with you to brainstorm ways to execute. 

Good luck!

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