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Camera Breakdown: Which Is Best For You

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Going virtual with your business starts with the question of how you are going to produce your classes, training, or workouts? By investing in your “vehicle” or recording device in this case, it will help get you from point A, your studio, gym, facility, to point B, your families’ homes. 

We know it can be an overwhelming task to pick out the best camera that’s both a good fit for your business and within budget, so we’ve come up with our top four options that will hopefully help you make the right decision. 

GoPro 7 Silver:

This camera is one of the most versatile action cameras that you can really bring anywhere (even a side of a mountain, but we won’t get too carried away). Equipped with 4K capabilities, it can capture not only a clear video but also a wide-angle view of your space to ensure visibility and clarity. It also has a built-in time-lapse camera mode as well. 

This is a great option for businesses that need space to record the entire space of their practice or performance.

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GoPro 8 Black:

If you are doing the hands-on types of classes, this Action camera is for you. This product is not only known for its stability but also creates a smooth HD image with horizontal leveling. This also comes with four different lens options to leverage for any time of classes or training sessions you might have (SuperView, Wide Angle, Linear, and Narrow). 

This is a great option for businesses that want to move around while having their camera in hand

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DJI Osmo:

This camera has a feature that I’ve never seen before: dual-sided camera screens. Now you no longer have to worry if you’re in the middle of the screen while you record. Not only that. but their RockSteady technology helps stabilize the picture of the camera and can deliver “shake-free footage no matter how heavy the action gets”. This camera shoots in 4K so you’ll never have to worry about the quality of the video. 

This is a great camera for anyone who is just starting out with their virtual content and may want to watch themselves as they record.

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Olympus TG-4:

This camera’s ability to shoot impeccable footage in RAW (the highest picture quality) is one of the main reasons it’s on our list as a top camera candidate. With it’s built-in Wi-Fi technology, you’re able to easily transfer your video files, straight to your computer and easily upload with just a few clicks.

This option is great if you produce a lot of video content and don’t have time to spend hours post-producing.

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A few things to keep in mind...


Sound is incredibly important. Although all the cameras above have excellent microphones, to ensure the clearest quality of audio, be sure to invest in something like a lapel mic or even a boom mic that you can put on a C-Stand, which will allow for clarity. 

Affordable boom mics
Affordable lapel mics


One thing that these cameras have in common is excellent stability and the ability to capture any twist or turn. We, however, encourage you to invest in some sort of tripod in the event that you don’t want to hold your camera, so you don’t have to set it on the ground or find a makeshift stand. 


Pro-Flex Tripod
Gooseneck Mount

Battery life

The longevity of your classes will determine what type of camera you should invest in. If you plan on having a 45 minute+ class, we recommend staying away from DSLR cameras, just because the battery life can be short and the memory on your cards could fill up very fast. 

However, there are some upsides such as pristine video and audio depending on where you’re filming. We recommend that an Action camera will because they’ll do much better with those types of lengths and you’ll have great quality as well.

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