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9 Fundraiser Ideas to Support your Cheer or Dance Team

From uniforms to travel costs, there are many reasons your cheer or dance team might need to raise a little extra cash. Either way, select a fundraiser that donors and the team will be excited about. Everyone has a car wash or sells coupon books. Creating a connection with donors through your fundraiser will increase community reach, engagement and, of course, donations.

Fundraisers can go further than raising money for a cause. They are a great opportunity for building friendships through experiences while teaching responsibility. USASF encourages athletes to create long-lasting connections through the team and the community. Even if you don’t currently need to raise cash, consider the list below as activities you can use to connect with the community.

Fundraiser Ideas

All ideas are dependent on your team’s fundraising goals. Feel free to tweak them as you wish to fit your team’s goals.

1. Local Restaurant/Grocery Store Partnership

A popular yet effective fundraiser is a partnership with a local business where they donate part of their daily or weekly revenue to your cause. Whether it be an eatery, a retailer, or even the zoo, make sure to tell everyone you know to get in on it!

2. Trivia Night

Who doesn’t love trivia? Especially themed trivia. Connect with your target donors to see what they are passionate about. For example, we know many people love certain TV shows or movies. Encouraging people to dress up as their favorite characters while testing their Harry Potter knowledge will connect positive memories with your fundraiser. Who knows, it could be a yearly event. There could also be an opportunity to team up with a local restaurant and do a trivia night, generating donations through trivia entry and a percentage of the restaurant’s revenue.

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