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Background Checks Are Not Created Equal


SportsEngine is trusted by thousands of sports organizations, including 55 national governing bodies, to provide background checks for their coaches, staff and volunteers.

Discount Screening Services May Be Missing Crucial Information

A 2016 case study by Randy Rodebauch, president of SSCI found that 46 percent of records sourced from county or local level searches would have been missed on database-only searches. This would have allowed individuals with felonies on their records to have slipped through the cracks.

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In partnership with the National Center for Safety Initiatives, LLC (NCSI), SportsEngine delivers the “Gold Standard” in protecting athletes and organizations by thoroughly investigating all screening subjects through a variety of databases and search parameters. 

Confirms name and date of birth against the Social Security Number provided. This is used to help eliminate the possibility of false names and/or information. It also confirms current address and identifies previous addresses. This is critical information used to determine the jurisdiction in which the background screening will be conducted. 

State and/or county criminal record searches are performed to source misdemeanor and felony records. Based on address history, multiple county searches may be performed. All of the county record searches are conducted directly with the county court. 

Two multi-jurisdictional criminal database searches covering 50 states plus, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico with more than 500 million records per provider and alias search. 

Two commercial data providers to conduct sex offender registry database searches of state/ jurisdictions in the U.S. and territories, including the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico. 

Wanted foreign nationals, international sex offenders/traffickers, all high-level criminal data provided by partner countries. 

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