The Sisterhood: A Story of Game-Changers

Brought to you by On Her Turf and in partnership with SportsEngine, this docuseries brings you the story of a team of 14 girls from a school that doesn’t even recognize what they do as a legitimate sport, who put their self-determination, self-sacrifice, and self-esteem on the line as they take on a challenge, that was once just a whisper of a dream.

But these girls made it happen together. They raised the money, put in the time, and took on the work. Their coach was a volunteer who suddenly found herself in charge and has since dedicated herself to building a team to defy the odds. They train with barely enough room or equipment to do it safely, and their uniforms have been hand sewn by their parents. They lacked everything a team needed to compete at the highest level - legacy, support, materials, money - but they made it happen together.

In this documentary, we track them on their way to Nationals and, through their experience there, meet each of these remarkable women, exploring who they are and the lives they lead away from school and competitions. Through their own words, we’ll appreciate just what this sport provides that propelled them higher than anyone expected. Welcome to the grittiest, most inspirational cheer story you’ve ever heard. And it’s not over yet.

The Sisterhood premieres on June 17th only on Peacock

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