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TeamUnify Talks with Swimming Leaders in London and Dublin

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TeamUnify hosted workshops and social events in London, UK, and Dublin, Ireland, to connect directly with the swimming communities to discuss best practices, build relationships, and grow youth participation in swimming.

The TeamUnify staff was honored to meet with swim club administrators and coaches who traveled from near and far to network with like-minded teams and interact with fellow swim club experts. A special shoutout to all of you who took the time to participate in our sessions.

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One of the hottest topics at the events was automated billing and payment processing available to swim clubs through TeamUnify. There are so many benefits for clubs who choose to use TeamUnify’s payment processing system, including saving time and money, so administrators considered it a no-brainer for their swim clubs to use these tools. Club administrators saw firsthand how automated payment collection and processing through TeamUnify can improve how they run their swim clubs.

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Another popular topic of discussion was TeamUnify’s Coaching Tools. Swim coaches were interested to hear about how easy it is to set up practices, write workouts, and upload videos. As a bonus, our staff showed them that these tools could be used directly from their phones with the free mobile app. Many swim coaches are constantly on-the-go, so the attendees were very interested in learning how they could set up their swim clubs right from their phones.

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Along with the discussions about TeamUnify’s benefits and how swim clubs worldwide can benefit from industry-leading swim club management software, the attendees were very engaged, sharing tips and tricks to grow their swimming clubs. It was a valuable networking opportunity for our staff, administrators, and coaches to develop relationships in the local swimming community.

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The TeamUnify staff also wanted thank our attendees for joining the event, so they hosted a raffle at the end of each event. Congratulations to Giuseppe Coratti from the Frosinone Swim Team in Frosinone, Italy, and Ali Al-Khudairy from the Teddington Swimming Club in London, UK. They each took home an Apple iPad courtesy of TeamUnify.

The TeamUnify family looks forward to subsequent events to continue building relationships with swimming communities. Keep an ear out for future events so that you can sign up to participate in the next one.

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