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Take the Frustration Out of Refunds and Help Mitigate Chargebacks

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Dealing with refunds and chargebacks can be frustrating and time consuming. That’s why we want to let you know about Registration Saver (RegSaver).

RegSaver allows your parents, at point of registration, to insure the non-refundable registration fee they pay for their child’s sports camp, tournament, showcase, or season. If a covered peril occurs that causes the participant to miss all or a portion of the event or season, the parent can file a claim to seek reimbursement. The policy covers perils including, but not limited to: illness, injury, death in family, inclement weather, and active military service for parent/guardian.

Coverage becomes effective the day after the policy is purchased and extends to the last day of the event or season. Therefore, it can provide peace of mind to a parent registering months in advance. Should their child become injured after the policy is purchased and prior to the start of the season, they could be eligible for a refund. The policy is extremely affordable, costing just 6% of the registration fee for a camp or tournament and 7% of a season registration.

AIG processes all claims and answers all customer service questions, making the process completely hands-off for you. Policyholders can easily file a claim online and submit any questions through the RegSaver website.

Understandably, most sports organizations have a no-refund policy on sign-up fees. RegSaver offers your parents an alternative and the opportunity to recover their cost. If you have a refund policy in place, RegSaver can replace it.

We know chargebacks have become an issue for many organizations. Unfortunately, parents will sometimes dispute a legitimate signup charge as an attempt to recover their registration fee. RegSaver can provide a layer of protection against the trend. Parents who purchase the policy can have their registration fee refunded should a covered peril occur instead of filing a chargeback.

Also, during the registration process the parent is offered coverage and must select “yes” they would like coverage or “no” they would not. For those that select they did not want coverage to protect against the no-refund policy, their declination of coverage is time stamped in our system, which can be used to assist in a chargeback dispute.

Why RegSaver is a smart idea for your community:

  • It’s affordable—the premium is just 6-7% of the registration fee
  • Helps customers feel more at ease when signing up for an event months in advance
  • Completely “hands off” for you - AIG handles all claims and customer service questions • Policy can be easily and quickly purchased during the checkout process on SportsEngine
  • Addresses the no-refund policy you might have
  • If you have a refund policy in place, this can replace it
  • Can help mitigate credit card chargebacks

If you have any questions, please contact your SportsEngine Account Manager.

We feel RegSaver can save you time and be a major benefit to your families!

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