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Start Streaming Your Youth Sports Games and Engaging Members

Start Streaming Your Youth Sports Games and Engaging Members

This is the fourth article in our Roadmap to Success: SportsEngine Play series. Explore the full series and learn more about what SportsEngine Play can offer you here.

You’re now at the start of your youth sports season, and all your hard work and preparation is about to pay off. It’s time to let your members know they will have access to live-stream games, upload their videos, and create highlights of their youth athletes this upcoming season.

It’s exciting news and something worth celebrating. Still, it is also important to ensure you provide the proper education and awareness so you can support your team in the best way possible. 

Before the Season Begins

1. Hold Team Meetings Before the First Game

It's always good practice to hold team meetings before a season really begins to get everyone on the same page and set expectations. Still, now that you’ve got something new to announce, it’s even more important to ensure that families know what is available and how they can get involved if they are interested.

  • Tip #1: If needed, you can hold virtual meetings if meeting people in a room is challenging. 
  • Tip #2: If a meeting isn’t possible, an email can be the trick to getting the right information to members. We’ve put together a few templates that you can use to send this out directly within SportsEngine HQ.

2. Inform Your Team of the Route You've Chosen

Let your team know if SportsEngine Play is the route your organization has chosen. All live streams are free to members of your organization, which means they must create a free account to view them. 

  • Tip #1: If they want access to replays and additional clipping and highlight tools, they will need to upgrade to the Premier package here.  
1. Website

Your organization’s website is likely the hub to get your members' information, news, and other important updates. You must create a dedicated page on your website for your new video solution. You should plan to include any resources or details on how to set up an account, where to view and access live streams, and who to contact with questions or if interested in volunteering to help.  

With SportsEngine Play, you can create a widget on your website that pulls in your live streams and replays to showcase videos and enhance your brand. 

Our toolkit also provides you with website banners and graphics to help promote live streams and replays so you can ensure members are aware of where to go to view videos of their team and athletes.  

2. Newsletters

SportsEngine Play provides an elevated viewing experience and comes free with a subscription to our Creator Studio tools. You will unlock access to an auto-populated Channel where fans can view videos and access a free mobile app to take the experience with you.

3. Social Media and More

Along with website assets, our toolkit will provide you with social media graphics, newsletter templates, and more to help you promote your live-streaming program before the season starts and throughout the year as you continue to generate video into the off-season.  

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