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Welcome to the Roadmap to Success Series

Your go-to guide for actionable steps to bring live streaming to your youth sports organization. 

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Enhance your season through live streaming.

Finding ways to bring value to your youth sports organization can be challenging year after year, but it doesn't have to be. Enhance the visibility and reach of your organization with the power of video. In a world of ever-changing technology, the demand for on-the-go training, scouting, sponsorships, and watching athletes' games from anywhere is rising.

As we continue to work to simplify our youth sports families, administrators, and coaches' lives, we've gathered some of the latest research to guide you step by step on bringing live streaming to your youth sports organization along with its many benefits.


The playbook

This guide is broken down by phase, ensuring wherever you are in the process, you will have smart tips you can put to work right away.

Phase 1: Getting Started with a Video Provider

Learn how you can bring value to your members through the power of video. 

Lessons for Phase 1:
  1. Engaging current members and recruiting new ones
  2. Developing athletes on and off the field

Pro Tips: 

  • Get early buy-in from your board members. Help them understand the value video can bring to your organization with this helpful video brought to you by SportsEngine Play.
  • Do your research. Finding the right provider to fit your organization's needs is critical. Review multiple providers to understand what's best for your organization.

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Roadmap to Success PLAY: Phase 1 - Invest
Roadmap to Success PLAY: Phase 2 - Searching for a Provider

Phase 2: Searching for a video provider

Learn how to lay the groundwork and livestream your season. 

Lessons for Phase 2:
  1. Pick a provider
  2. Streamline your onboarding experience

Pro tips:

  • Ensure your provider has the support you need. For example, SportsEngine Play has a thriving community, robust support site, and training library to help you along your journey.
  • Create a video and sponsorship strategy. Start small and craft a plan at the start of your season. Here is a helpful article to learn more. 

Drive to Phase 3


Phase 3: Setup your team for streaming

Now that you've selected a video broadcast provider, here are some pro tips to ensure a successful streaming event.

Lessons for Phase 3:
  1. Learn the requirements from your provider
  2. Ensure a steady live stream

Pro tips:

  • Recruit volunteers. Getting help with your video strategy from the get-go is the key to a successful program. Keep this article as a cheat sheet as you begin curating your program. 
  • Ensure you have the right camera for your organization. Dive into what SportsEngine Play recommends when streaming your sporting event here.

Pit-Stop at Phase 4

Phase 3: Setup your team for streaming

Phase 5: Celebrate the Launch of Your New Live Streaming Solution

It’s finally game day! Gain insights for a successful kickoff of your new streaming service from Frisco Independent School District. 

Lessons for Phase 5:
  1. Make a game-day checklist
  2. Stay consistent through the season

Pro tips:

  • Send weekly emails and posts on social. Build excitement and awareness of your season through the power of email and social media. Encourage your families to 'like,' 'share,' and 'subscribe' to your live stream and social channels. Dive into our toolkit templates for easy editing.
  • Generate QR codes to promote live streams. Google's QR code generator is an easy way to share links with your members while they're on-the-go. Add it to event banners and social. Learn more. 
Roadmap to Success PLAY: Phase 5 - Celebrate the Launch

Congratulations! You've completed your journey.

We look forward to seeing you next season.