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Roadmap to Success: Regularly Check SportsEngine HQ

Roadmap to Success: Regularly Check SportsEngine HQ

With everything rolling, it’s time to go through a few tips on monitoring success. SportsEngine HQ has several features to help you get a snapshot of how things are doing, and some neat features to make you more effective in your work. 

SportsEngine HQ Dashboard

When you first log in to SportsEngine HQ, you’re presented with the dashboard. With your programs both listed on and collecting registrations, there are two areas you’ll want to check out:

The Registrations summary with list your top 3 performing registrations, which also gives you a quick count of the number of registrations completed for each. An excellent quick way to know results as you walk into your board meeting.
The Program Listings widget will show you your top-performing programs on and the number of views for each of them. If you feel you need to make any changes to your listings, you can simply click on their title and get directed right to the listing editor. 

Watching Payments

There are two ways to quickly get to reports on money coming into your organization through SportsEngine.

Any money being collected through invoicing is summarized right at the top of your HQ dashboard. 

For a snapshot of money from your registrations, click the “Financial Summary” button on your dashboard. You’ll be brought to a fantastic summary page that lists your open registrations, how much is coming in from each, and a listing of recent orders from your registrations. 

The Member Directory

The member directory is an incredibly powerful tool. In addition to being able to look up any member to get their contact information, or access any of their registration histories, you can also create groups and smart groups. I’ve talked about these before, but because they are so useful, I’m going to mention them again. Remember: Groups are based on people; Smart Groups are based on filters. 

If you want to create a group, for say, “board members,” you simply create a group and add members to them individually. When you need to remove someone, you manually remove them one by one. 

For a smart group, you create a filter, and any time a person matches that filter, they are included in the smart group. Conversely, if they don't match, they are automatically removed from the smart group. So say you want to see “athletes who are 7 years old and younger,” as they are first-time athletes, and you want to overly communicate to them steps on getting started in the season. As new members who are under 7 register, they are automatically added to the group. This process is also helpful to create smart groups for your programs or levels (ex. 14U, 12U, 10U, and 8U,) so you can see how each of those programs are filling.

What’s Next?

Next time, we’re going to share how to track coaches and view their status in your safety eligibility program and soon will go through the easy to use tools in setting up teams. 

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