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Preparing Your Gym or Studio for the Holidays

Running a business means there are a million moving pieces, especially around the holidays. Staying on top of it can be overwhelming, but here at SportsEngine Motion, we aim to reduce the stress and sprinkle the joy back into your Holiday season.  

Check out a few tips we recommend for staying in front of it, so you can get time back to spend with your loved ones.   

Holiday promotions 

Setting up a holiday promotion is a perfect way to capitalize on additional revenue while people are ready to spend. From Black Friday pro-shop sales to private lesson deals or a priority registration promotion for future sessions — the holiday season is the time to offer something extra to your loyal membership.


Communication is essential during the holiday season. You will likely offer day camps, communicate program offerings, or notify your membership (and staff) about facility closures.

Luckily, there is no wrong answer regarding communication, and SportsEngine Motion has your back. Using SportsEngine Motion’s newsletter capabilities is an effective solution to communicate everything needed, from your holiday camp registrations to make-up day opportunities. Plus, unlimited SMS messages and social feed posts available at your fingertips will provide you with the additional tools you need to stay in touch with your entire membership.  

Clean up your finances 

Cleaning up your finances is always important, but there is no better time than when you’re heading into the new year to ensure everything is in order. This will help you start next year fresh, and you can hit the ground running without overdue balances weighing you down. 

SportsEngine Motion’s financial reporting tools and capabilities will assist you every step. Using the Overdue Charge Summary report will help you reduce your overdue balances. SE Payments Payouts is the perfect way to reconcile your bank deposits, and switching to requiring auto payments will make the collection of tuition even easier in the future.  

This is great, but I need help executing

You’re in luck! SportsEngine Motion’s support team is available six days a week to assist you with anything – from your reporting needs to communication setup. Connect with our team directly using the Need Help button on your website.