New Financial Tools Video Series

Join SportsEngine's Shawn Heller and Marie Fitzgerald as they dive into the latest updates and enhancements to the financial tools within SportsEngine HQ

In this all-new video series, hear from Director of Product Management, Shawn Heller on all of the latest and greatest enhancements and releases to our financial solutions for your organization. For more videos and a deeper dive into the new tools, check out the links below:

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We've curated some videos to help you set up for your upcoming season or program.

  1. Request OR copy/build a new registration session

  2. Build sales items for your registration, which will be your program offerings and costs for members

  3. Build out your payment terms, which is how you will allow members to pay via payment plans

  4. Complete the registration build by adding in your sale items and attaching payment terms

  5. Enable your registration and test before posting and sharing with your organization.

  6. Your registration is ready to start collecting information and payments from members, nice work!

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