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Monthly vs. Session-Based Tuition

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of both monthly and session-based tuition so you can make the most informed decision possible to run your business to the fullest.

When deciding between monthly or session-based tuition, the age-old question is: how do you structure your program? Well, there is no wrong answer or one-size-fits-all solution. And it’s possible to use both with great success. 

Monthly Tuition

While monthly tuition is most common for competition-based programs, it can also be great for recreational classes, making familiarity a primary benefit to your customers. It is similar to how they pay for many things in their everyday lives - like subscription fees for a streaming service or monthly dues at a fitness gym.

Another benefit of monthly tuition is the consistent flow of money collected every month. Some other things to consider with this option are that it can be harder to adjust class days and times if your staffing situation changes or if you raise tuition rates during the year. Pro tip: if you’re charging tuition monthly, make sure to charge everyone on the same day of the month to make it easier for you and other admins to stay on top of payments and track if dues are late.

Session-Based Tuition

Session-based tuition is a great option for many families.  It allows them to register with your program but also have the flexibility to easily change levels or class days or times to a new block. Additionally, this option allows for a more flexible class schedule when your coaching availability fluctuates. Businesses often say it is easier to manage their memberships with this method because it keeps their accounts more active with registrations and allows for more consistent profile management.

Frequently, there is a misconception that a session-based system makes it ‘easier’ for families or athletes to leave your program since they commit to a specific time block.  Instead, as long as you provide exceptional service, they will be happy to re-register with your program. Do not assume that just because an athlete played a Summer sport, they are automatically enrolled in the Fall program - there is no need to treat your payment option any differently.

SportsEngine Motion works with many organizations that will offer monthly tuition for some programs and 6-8 week sessions for others. So, it is possible to have a mix-and-match approach with both of these options. No matter what option you choose, we always recommend that you have a ‘new season signup’ at least once per year to make the necessary changes to your business and gather updated account information and waivers for continual success.