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Making Sure Your Video Content is Top-Notch

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The sharing of internet videos first started gaining in popularity when sites like Youtube were established in the early 2000s. People were able to upload videos and share them with ease. 

It wasn’t until the 2010s when things really changed for online streaming though, as more and more people began posting live videos. Youtube started streaming different events and apps such as Periscope and Vine started to become popular. Nowadays, people are able to live stream on a number of different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube, which has led to a new way for people to connect to viewers. 

People used to have to use digital cameras to shoot quality video, but now the cameras in cell phones are more than capable. This easy access to high-quality cameras has also led to an increase in the popularity of videos.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also led to an increase in video popularity as people continue to search for ways to connect with one another. This holds especially true for youth sports as coaches, and studio owners, look for ways to keep their athletes and families engaged in what is taking place, even though they may not be able to do so in person anymore.

Ways to Stream

There are really two main ways to share your videos when you simplify it down. You can either stream your video live, or record it and then upload it later. There are many different platforms you can use to share your videos, but first, you will need to decide if it’s better to do it live or post a video. 

Streaming live - Streaming live’s biggest advantage is it is the closest thing to being in person. People watch things happen in real-time, and, depending on the platform used, can even see one another and interact with each other too. 

Film and post - The biggest advantage here is that you can always redo something if you mess up. You can also use editing software to add different effects to your video like transitions or captions. 

Why are videos important?

Online videos have become more important than ever during the worldwide pandemic. People are not able to get together in-person as often, so being able to meet online or watch videos online is the next best way to connect. 

It allows people to see different techniques used if you are planning to do online workouts, and it also gives you a chance to really show how things should be done properly. You can also share your own personal flair in videos by being yourself and acting the way you would if it were in person, which is something you can’t do through an email or text. 

There are things to keep in mind when shooting videos though, as a poor video can almost hurt as much as a good video can help. Here are things to keep in mind as you prepare for your first shoot.

Stabilize your shot

It’s never pleasant to watch a shaky video. Whether it is someone filming themselves or one person holding the camera and filming someone else, a shaky video is a quick way to lose viewers. Luckily, there is an easy fix to that, get a tripod. 

Tripods are handy little devices that hold a camera still, and they can be relatively inexpensive. Check out this article where we list out two viable tripod options.

  • A nice little piece that comes with a lot of tripods is a remote start switch, which allows you to start your camera without touching it yourself, meaning you never have to leave the shot.

Light it up

Another way to lose viewers quickly is to shoot a video where they cannot see what is happening. This is especially important if you are shooting a how-to video or some sort of exercise. People are not going to want to stick around and watch if they can’t see the footage. 

Make sure to open windows wherever you are shooting, or even go outside if it is warm enough. You can also make sure the lights in the room are turned on to help brighten up the space around you. Ring lights have also become more and more popular as of late. They are little lights that go around your phone and provide you with a well-lit profile. 

Ring lights can run up to over $100, but you can also buy some in the range of $10, and a quick search should help you find the best fit for you. 

  • Keep in mind, while open windows do provide you with good light, try not to stand in front of them while filming. The bright light from the back can often lead to the subject’s face being blacked out. 


Many people will argue that the sound may in fact be the most important part of a video. Editing software can always help some with picture quality, but it can’t do much for sound. You’ll often have to end up shooting again if there is no sound, or if the quality is poor because no one wants to watch a video with no sound to go along with it. 

A lot of cameras or cell phones have microphones built into them, and they are usually a high enough quality to capture the type of sound you need. You can always search for external mics if you wish, though, and can find them for an affordable price. External mics will also help reduce the amount of background noise in the shot.

  • Make sure to check and see if the mic works for your phone. A lot of mics might require a headphone jack, which are becoming less common on new cell phones. 

Plan ahead

This is extra important if you are going to be shooting a live video and do not have the option to do a re-shoot, but it can also help save you time even if you aren’t filming live.

  • Check internet connectivity: This is especially important if you are doing a live video as you do not want to lose signal while people are watching you.
  • Rehearse what you’re planning to do/say: While mistakes do happen to everyone, it is good to try and keep them to a minimum. Practice what you are going to say and have a layout of the different things you plan to do in the video to help keep you on track.
  • Make sure your phone is charged/plugged in: This is the same as checking your internet, you do not want your camera to die in the middle of filming.
  • Do a sound check: You do not want to start filming only to realize no one can hear you halfway through your shot. A quick sound check before you start is always a good idea.

Have Fun

While the idea of people watching you on video can be nerve racking, try your best to have fun with it! Videos are a great way to showcase your personality and the more fun you have shooting the video the more fun people will have while watching it.