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How is Your Organization Helping Protect Youth Athletes from Abuse?

How is Your Organization Helping Protect Youth Athletes from Abuse?

After the SafeSport Act of 2017 came into law, abuse in athletics has been even more so at the forefront of many parents' and youth sports organizations' minds. Now, more than ever, it’s not just enough as leaders to be against abuse, but also provide access to the tools to help everyone a part of your youth sports organization take a stance.  

NEW! Abuse Prevention Training For Families Now Available 

SportsEngine is pleased to announce that abuse prevention training for families is now available. Organizations on the SportsEngine HQ platform can provide this optional training to their members at checkout to allow them to be part of the solution of protecting youth athletes from abuse in sports. 

When a family registers their child for a sport, they can access the training upon checkout.  This new offering will make this training accessible to more families—the more educated we can all be, the better. 

New! Coach Training Added 

In addition to the new family training offering, we provide abuse prevention training for coaches and volunteers. Organizations can require a coach to complete the training through our membership and eligibility features to ensure the people working closest to your athlete are eligible to step on the playing field. 

Help Lower the Risk 

The more robust an organization’s safety program can be, the lower the risk of abuse. We understand that there is a lot on your plate as an administrator and volunteer. Still, by providing members access to this training, you mobilize your families as stewards in your commitment to safety.  

We are committed to continuing the fight to help end abuse in youth sports. We hope you will join us to bring this vital education to your families and athletes.  

If you are interested in learning more about our other safety offerings, dive into our full list of programs here >  

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