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How to Use Social Media and Email Communication to Generate Revenue

Effective communication with your customers is essential to a business. It allows you to establish trust and maintain a mutually beneficial and ongoing relationship with them. Having a relationship built on trust means a customer is more likely to come back, remain satisfied, and recommend others to use your business—ultimately leading you to generate more revenue. 


In today’s digital world, there are many different ways a small business owner can choose to communicate with their audience without it becoming overwhelming. Let’s look at two channels you can use to grow your relationship with your customers through effective communication.

Social Media

Today, more and more people are connecting with family, friends, and businesses through social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or one of the many other platforms, the ease with which you can speak to others is key to using your time effectively. Customers come to these platforms in search of support & answers to their questions and information about your service or product. This means that it is critical for you to be present and active in this space.

Since social media is key when sharing information with your customers quickly, it is a great way to notify your audience about your offerings. For example, posting about new classes or upcoming events can help increase signup urgency. Another way to engage with your audience is to share when new apparel or gear arrives in your pro shop available for purchase. 

SportsEngine Motion’s built-in tools make this a breeze. The Social Feed is a great way to post quick information to your website, mobile app, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all at the same time. These tools are simple and easy-to-use social tools that can save you time, while still allowing you to get your message out to your target audience.


A newsletter may just be a fancy word for “email”, but newsletters are more important than you may think. Newsletters are an efficient way to share a lot of information about your business in a single communication. A monthly newsletter is a great way to maintain regular contact with your customers, cementing a relationship with your organization. By combining useful information with specific calls to action for your products or services, you can provide content while motivating a reader to take a particular action. You can direct customers to take actions that lead to more revenue for your business, like signing up for a new class, bringing in a friend, or participating in a fundraiser, all in one email. 

No matter how you choose to communicate with your customers, sharing important information and maintaining a continuous relationship is imperative to take your business to the next level.