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How to Collect End of Season Competition or Recital Fees

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Congratulations, you are approaching the end of another successful year. That means it is time to travel to nationals or host your end-of-year recital. Using SportsEngine Motion features, collecting payments for these events is easier than you think. 

Use online registration

Providing an online registration link to collect participant information and event payment is the perfect way to stay organized and ensure everyone gets signed up. Promote your end-of-year show on social media using your SportsEngine Motion website. The Social Feed and Newsletters features will come in handy as they put your registration directly in the mobile app for your families to sign up.  

Another wonderful way to promote your registration is by hanging QR codes in your lobby so parents get a reminder to sign up while watching their star student in class. Try doing an early bird registration discount as well; it is a perfect way to provide urgency for a captive audience to register.  

Do not forget to use the Video Producer to send your athletes any choreography they need to practice at home!  

Team qualification  

If you had a team or individual qualify for nationals, adding additional charges to their accounts or payment plans is a simple solution to collect the funds required quickly. Parents and guardians can review and pay for any new charges through the SportsEngine Motion mobile app.  

Pro shop sales  

During the year-end show or recital, do not forget to capitalize on additional same-day revenue. A small pro shop for flowers, T-shirts, good luck grams, or snacks will bring in additional revenue for your business. SportsEngine Motion’s Point of Sale feature can provide you with the sales tools you need to generate additional profits from the palm of your hand.  

Clean up your finances  

Finally, cleaning up your finances is always important, but there is no better time than heading into the end-of-year event to ensure everything is in order. This will help you start next year fresh.  

SportsEngine Motion’s financial reporting tools and capabilities will assist you at every step. Using the Overdue Charge Summary report will help you reduce your overdue balances. SE Payments Payouts is the perfect way to reconcile your bank deposits, and requiring auto payments will make the collection of tuition even easier in the future.  

This is great, but I need help executing   

You’re in luck! SportsEngine Motion’s support team is available six days a week to assist you with anything – from your reporting needs to communication setup. Connect with our team directly using the Need Help button on your website.