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How to be Successful with your Social Feed

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With so many social channels available, SportsEngine Motion’s Social Feed makes it easy to post to all your social media accounts at once. From a single dashboard, the Social Feed can be used for more than just fun social posts. Here are some creative ways to take advantage of SportsEngine Motion’s Social Feed to stay engaged with your membership.  

Pro Shop Promotions

How often have you purchased a product after it showed up on your Facebook or Instagram feeds? You too can promote items in a similar way on your Social Feed. Give your pro shop a boost by taking pictures of the products and promotions you are offering. Don’t forget to put deadlines on the promotions to create a sense of urgency to purchase. 
(Did You Know: you can also manage your pro-shop sales and inventory using SportsEngine Motion’s Point of Sale tool?) 

Video Newsletter

No doubt you’re sending newsletters to your families, but have you ever heard, “I never got that email,” or “I get too many emails, so I didn’t see yours?” Providing a video newsletter to supplement an emailed version is a creative way to ensure your important information is being consumed on a platform that works for their family. Your membership could treat your video as a podcast to listen to at anytime.   

Important Dates

Make sure you share important dates happening within your walls. Picture day, registration dates, upcoming competitions, and holiday or weather closures. The more information you can post about what's happening within your walls, the fewer phone calls and emails your staff will receive.  

Registration Links 

Make it easy for your customers (and potential customers!) to register for their next class, clinic, or camp. The easier you can make it for your busy parents to sign up, the faster your rosters will be filled.  Providing the direct URL on your social channels makes their next registration one click away – and can improve your search rankings simultaneously.  

Start using the Social Feed

You have seen the benefits the social feed can get you — more traffic, authority, and a better relationship with your audience. Use SportsEngine Motion’s Social Feed to make it even easier to bring all of this power to the palm of your hand.