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Having a Website, App, and Billing in One Place Was a Must-Have for This Studio Owner

Starbound Performers Header

Starbound Performers is home to the National, USA, International, and World Dance Team Champions. They offer recreational, on-campus, and studio-based programs for children ages 18 months+.  Clermont, The City of Champions, is honored to be the hometown of Starbound Performers celebrating its 11th year anniversary in 2021.

Name: Jennifer Hawkins
Organization: Starbound Performers
Position: Owner

What she was up against

Jennifer, the owner of one of Florida’s largest dance studios, Starbound Performers, was growing frustrated with her current software situation. 

She had a billing, calendaring, and communication system, but a separate website and mobile app. Not to mention, a couple of social media profiles to keep updated on a regular basis. 

The amount of work required for her and her staff to keep the website content and design updated, and the amount of duplicate updating within her calendar system and the website was becoming more work than was worth it. 

At the end of the road with her former software set up, Jennifer said “I was spending an entire week completing the monthly billing process for my families”.

With little access to support from her software provider and no hope in sight, Jennifer ambitiously settled on the fact that she would need to develop her own custom app to make her life easier and business running smoother. 

That’s when she saw a SportsEngine Motion ad and all of her troubles were put at ease.

What SportsEngine Motion did to help

Once Jennifer saw the ad, she reached out to SportsEngine Motion and felt it was the perfect match for her studio and that “everything I had been wishing and dreaming for had come true”. With an onboarding process specific to her needs, SportsEngine Motion was able to get her up and running in an all-in-one system with ease.

What the impact was

With a platform that has billing, calendaring, a website, and a mobile app all inter-connected, Jennifer was able to make updates to family info and business info one time and it would populate throughout the entire system. No more multiple updates for the same thing, no more disjointed communication, and a lot more focus put back into the students and families. 

“After jumping on board with SportsEngine Motion and realizing the power of having auto-pay, I now maybe spend an hour on my monthly billing process, and that is only because I am overly particular with it [...] I would much rather give you an hour of my time than a whole week of my time.”

“My families feel so much more connected to us with the included mobile app. They love having everything right at their fingertips, and that they don’t have to ask me as many questions. It’s especially great with the COVID regulations since they aren’t able to be within our facilities, they can stay connected at a distance.”

Jennifer also has felt that the most invaluable part of SportsEngine Motion is the care and attention that the staff and support team has given her throughout her transition to the software. 

"Separate and apart from the tech that has helped me run my business, the one thing that really needs to be talked about is the tremendous value your people are. I have never received such partnership and patience from any group of individuals. I actually feel heard, and I'm so fortunate to consider your team an extension of my staff.”