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Case Study: Frisco Independent School District Expands their Broadcast

Case Study: Frisco Independent School District Expands their Broadcast
At a Glance
Technology tools
Challenge: Finding a singular solution that will allow live sports streaming across a large school district that includes 67,000+ students across 77 schools.
Technology leader
Solution: A platform that can easily host local league games, tournaments, and clinics with low cost and high-quality impact.
Live stream capabilites
Results: For the 2023 season, over 4,000 of the district’s games will be streamed annually across the 12 middle schools and 18 high schools. Additionally, the district’s broadcast class offerings and clubs expanded across the board, taking their program to the next level.


Frisco Independent School District (ISD) of Texas was in search of ways to connect with their team on and off the field. Bringing live streaming broadcasts into the homes of thousands across the district not only generates new revenue streams for the district but also expands opportunities for the students and would continue to grow engagement across the community of 210,000.


Hear first-hand from Steven Doherty, Frisco’s broadcast facilitator, who discusses the beginnings of the program and challenges the school district faced in terms of expanding outreach and maintaining the broadcast from our For the Love of Sport podcast episode below:


Once Frisco's program took off, searching for a streaming provider that could streamline the maintenance, expansion, and training became critical. The right provider would also help Frisco become a standard model for streaming across school districts. An additional factor was keeping youth sports families in mind—keeping costs low, access wide, and on the go. Hear from Frisco's Facilitator for Athletic Communications, Matt Wixon, on the feedback from families once a provider was found:


From finding the right provider to figuring out ways to expand your broadcast program or start from scratch, Frisco has you covered.  Here's their advice on creating a broadcast program for their athletics program: 

Conclusion: is now live and expected to stream over 4,000 sports games featuring over 12,000 student athletes for Frisco's high school and middle school level teams ( In addition, Frisco's broadcast classes and clubs are looking forward to the new technology development and expansion. 

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