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A Communication Guide for Studios, Gyms and Facilities

GoMotion - Tips and Trick - Communication

During this unprecedented time, situations for clubs are changing daily, if not hourly. We recognize that it can be very difficult to make decisions that are best for your club when no one knows exactly what is going to happen next. Since this has come to fruition, we have formally laid out a SportsEngine Motion resource guide to help you with common actions that businesses are taking right now- including ways to communicate with your members and ways to handle financials.

We’ve also chatted with several customers, just like you, to gather best practices, intel, and new ideas to implement during this time to ensure your business is running as smoothly as possible. Through doing this, we have collectively learned a lot about the determination, perseverance, and ability for so many of you to adapt quickly to an ever-changing situation. Keep it up!


The most common theme throughout all conversations with our customers is transitioning into a virtual organization. SportsEngine Motion also has a full suite of tools for you to use to keep your business running virtually during this time.

  • Video producer - This tool allows owners to record a video on their mobile device and upload into the SportsEngine Motion mobile app to tag coaches, athletes or parents depending on the content recorded.

  • Workout sharing - This is built for coaches or owners to record specific workouts or sessions, and upload into the SportsEngine Motion mobile app for certain groups or athletes to view.

  • Social sharing - This tool is a business-specific social feed for everything from training related stuff to other fun photos and videos that owners want to share out to their whole membership.

  • Free messaging tools - Customers have been able to send unlimited emails, text messages and push notifications to their members, for free, regarding changes to their business, and continual updates each day.


The ability to upload and send videos to a specific class instead of needing to select an individual or create a group of members. Plus, you’ll be able to add the same video or piece of content to your social feed right inline at the exact same time.

While there are endless additional ways for you to connect with your members virtually, here are some of our favorites we’ve heard that we’d recommend.

  • Zoom meetings - Chat with everybody within your organization all at once. You can run workouts, catch up on small talk, or meet with your whole staff. It’s FREE to get started, and an unlimited amount of people can join a single meeting at once.

  • Facebook Live or Instagram Live - Run a virtual workout session for your athletes. Most kids are active on these two social media channels on a daily basis to begin with. Plus, your business likely has an account that members can easily follow. Meet your members where they are by scheduling live sessions regularly.

  • Youtube channels - Setup a full video curriculum for athletes. Have some free time on your hands and want to put together a full lesson plan for your students? Use Youtube to build libraries of content for your members to follow on a specific schedule or at their own pace.