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The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Present an Amazing Opportunity for Youth Sports Organizations

Swimmer Girls - olympics

The Olympics only come around once every four years (well, five years in this case). As one of the most-watched sporting events globally, the Games continue to capture viewers’ attention everywhere. And the 2020 Tokyo Olympics taking place this July and August are no exception.

Not only will adults and passionate sports fans be watching, but so will kids. They’ll be dazzled by tumbling gymnasts, shocked by acrobatic divers, and awed by speedy track stars. 

Featuring 339 events across 33 different sports, kids will have no shortage of amazement and inspiration during the Tokyo Olympics—and there lies the opportunity for youth sports organizations.

Kids will be watching. Families will be searching.

We can almost hear it now, kids at home shouting, “I want to do that!” as they watch the world’s most significant sporting event. This simple phrase will spur moms and dads to go searching online for local youth sports opportunities. 

Here at SportsEngine, we’re expecting millions of families to visit during the Olympics to check out Olympics-related content and search for sports for their kids. Not to mention countless families searching via social media and other search engines.

All of this means youth sports organizations need to act now to capitalize on the excitement of the Olympics.

How your organization can leverage the Olympics this summer

A little preparation before the Games can go a long way to growing participation and attracting new athletes. Here are five key tips for growing your programs during the Olympics:

1. Get to know your audience

The first step to growth is identifying your target audience and finding ways to engage.

2. Promote your activities

Showcase your organization and program offerings online, so families can sign up on the spot.

3. Spruce up your online presence

When families go to search for youth sports programs, make sure you’re easy to find.

4. Think big

There’s no better time to make a splash than right now. Create new revenue opportunities and get more eyes on your offerings.

5. Deliver on your promise 

Delivering fun and safe sports experiences leads to happy athletes and families that will continue to turn to you year after year.

Another reason to act right now

The best part? Joining is completely free and will only help organizations gain more athletes.

Join before the Games begin

For team sports organizations: 

For class-based sports businesses: 

For swimming and aquatics clubs: