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Sweet 16: Top Advice & Inspiration from College Basketball Coaches

Throughout the years, PCA has worked with countless coaches at every level to spread the power of positive. 

But of all the coaches working to advocate for positive coaching, college basketball coaches are some of PCA's best champions. In the spirit of March Madness, we recently chose what we consider to be the "sweet sixteen" insights and advice from this group of eight coaches, who have supported PCA in various ways.

As you scroll through this list of quotes and insights from some of the top minds in college basketball, pay close attention to the way they describe the importance of character, positivity, and next play mentality.

"Sweet Sixteen" Insights

  1. "We always use the phrase 'next play' (even after a good play!). The teams that can adjust quickly and move their emotions to the next moment will probably be the team that will be the most successful." - Tommy Amaker (Harvard)
  2. "Character plays an enormous role in recruiting. It should be a high priority for any college coach. Having character in your locker room is critical." - Tommy Amaker (Harvard)
  3. "Positive coaching doesn't mean never being critical or everyone gets a trophy. If you take the time to care about your players as human beings, you can coach them harder, and that's positive coaching." - Lindsay Gottlieb (USC)
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