Power Position

At the heart of any great baseball team is a strong pitching rotation. Whether you're facing an intimidating lineup in the playoffs or just trying to keep your team competitive this season, you need to have a power pitcher. And if there's one person who knows how to execute that position better than anyone else, it's Marc Rardin. As the NCJAA National Champion and three-time All American, Marc knows exactly what skills are needed to give your pitching rotation that extra boost.

Marc outlines everything you need to know about getting into the perfect position in his step-by-step power pitching guide. He talks about key aspects of balance and stability, explaining how important it is for pitchers to maintain good form throughout their entire delivery. Next, he discusses footwork and trunk turn, two essential components of getting maximum velocity behind every pitch. Finally, Marc discusses techniques for improving your speed and accuracy to consistently shut down opposing batters at any level of competition.

If you want to succeed on the mound this season, look no further than Marc's tips for mastering the power pitching position. Whether you're an experienced pro or just starting as a rookie, these expert tips

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