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Get to Know the Savannah Bananas

Have you heard of the Savannah Bananas? This extraordinary team makes one thing completely clear. They are not a typical baseball team! In fact, they don't play traditional baseball at all.

The Savannah Bananas practice and compete in the Historic Grayson Stadium, also known as "Bananaland" in Savannah Georiga. Similar to the rules of baseball, they play what is known as Banana Ball, a fast-paced game that combines the sport of baseball, pure entertainment and most importantly, fun. 

To better understand what we mean by "non-traditional baseball," take a look at the Banana Ball Rules below.

The ultimate goal of the Savannah Bananas is to make baseball fun and provide their fans with incredible experiences. With their fan-first culture, the team certainly lives up to this goal and then some. If the Savannah Bananas have inspired your youth athlete to participate in baseball, take the first step by learning more about baseball and finding a league near you.

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