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Discussion Guide: The Rookie


Movie Synopsis

High school coach Jim Morris (Dennis Quaid) thought his dream was over. He'd had his shot playing baseball, blew out his shoulder, and retired without ever reaching the big leagues. Then, in 1999, he made a bet with his perpetually losing team: If they won the district championship, Morris -- who threw a 98 mph fastball -- would try out for the majors. The team went from worst to first, and Jim was soon on the road to becoming the oldest rookie in the major leagues!

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Discussion Questions

  1. Jimmy was a very skilled pitcher as a youth, put faces injury and burnout problems. How could this have been avoided?
  2. Clearly, Jimmy’s passion as a young boy was baseball, but his father cared more about his own military career. How did this impact their relationship?
  3. As a High School Coach, Jim coaches several skilled but unmotivated players. What does he do to motivate his players?
  4. Why does the community care about baseball again?
  5. Jim allows his team to have fun and has fun with him. Is this part of what allows the team to win districts?
  6. Why is Jim more successful as a 35-year-old pitcher than he was at a younger age? What changed?
  7. What do you think of Jimmy’s relationship with his son? Is he a caring father?
  8. Does Jimmy give his own father a second chance at being a caring dad? Should he or should he not? Explain
  9. Jimmy’s father finally admits he is proud of his son. How does this impact Jimmy and do you think it will impact his success moving forward?

What Parents Need To Know

Parents need to know that although The Rookie is rated G, it will not be of much interest to younger kids, since it deals primarily with an adult's pursuit of his career goals. Some kids might be upset by the scenes of Morris with his father, who is cold and unsympathetic, or by the financial problems faced by the family. There are references to divorce and remarriage. "Hell" and "damn" are said. Adults drink casually after games. A few scenes take place in bars where the players toast with beer. A married couple shares a bottle of wine. No one gets drunk.

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