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The 4 Types of Baseball Gear You Need This Season

We hope you’ve got your sunflower seeds ready because baseball and softball season will be here before you know it. For many families, that means practices at sunset, weekend game days, and lots of at-home training. But are you feeling ready for the season? For your child to get the most out of their sport this spring and summer, they must be set up with the right equipment on both sides of the foul lines. That’s why, every year around this time, we assemble a Spring Buying Guide to help you find the gear your kids need to have a great season (oh, and there may be some cool stuff for parents, too).

While you could spend hours walking through department stores, second-guessing yourself on each item you grab, we think it’s easier to have a shopping guide with 30% off select items. Think of it like your catalog for the best baseball or softball season ever. Don’t wait until the season has already begun before realizing what you need to stock up on: Read on to learn about the “four bases” you must have covered before baseball or softball season begins.

First Base: Bats & Gloves

These are the two most foundational tools of the trade: the equipment that baseball and softball revolve around and the most important purchases you’ll make as the parent of a ballplayer. Finding the right bat and glove goes a long way toward making your child feel confident and comfortable on the playing field. And all that translates to a better time playing ball. These aren’t easy decisions, but we hope we can make them easier for you through the Spring Buying Guide. There are a number of factors that go into choosing the right bat and glove for your child, some of which we detailed in this article on custom gloves, but the most important thing you can do is shop around and educate yourself. The Spring Buying Guide has baseball gloves, softball gloves, and bats for both sports – and you can even score some deals on select models.

Second Base: Baseball/Softball Apparel

Few sports will generate more gnarly loads of laundry than baseball or softball. Parents are contending with dirt, sweat, rips, grass stains, and maybe even a hot dog's errant glop of ketchup between games. Because of this, you can never be too stocked up on apparel. That goes for game apparel, like pants and jerseys, and practice apparel, like moisture-wicking shirts, shorts, and sliders. The Spring Buying Guide has various styles and patterns for baseball and softball pants, plus some great training gear for the kids to wear to practice. You can even score some sweet new threads to wear while watching the games, too.

Third Base: Training Tools and Coaching Gear

Whether you’re pitching in to help coach (no pun intended) or just getting some reps at home, you can help your child’s game improve by getting the right training aids and accessories. And don’t worry: You don’t need to have a coach’s budget to help your ballplayer practice at home. Whether that means tees and hitting nets, training balls, or something else, your options might be more affordable than you think. The Spring Buying Guide even features discounts on some top items! Finding the right training tools is the difference between practice being something your child looks forward to versus something they dread. Don’t overlook this part of the game!

Home Plate: Baseball & Softball Accessories

This is where you can score the cool stuff. If your child is serious about the game, they should be serious about the tools they need to take care of their gear and develop their own personal style associated with the sport. The Spring Buying Guide deals with glove maintenance tools, leather goods, helmet attachments, wrist & leg guards, and more. Finding the right accessories can be a great way to teach your child more about the game and help them care for their gear. That, in turn, helps them get the most out of their play!

Do You Have the Baseball or Softball Gear You Need?

Our vision as a company is to make products that help kids love baseball and softball more. Sometimes that means a glove that can be passed down from generation to generation; other times, that may be something as small as the pair of baseball pants you wore when you hit your first home run. The little things go a long way when it comes to loving the game – so be ready for the season with all the gear you need!

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