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Are you an adrenaline junkie or just looking to expose your family to an alternative sport? Here's your chance to get the inside scoop on the newest series in the Nitro Circus family, Nitro Rallycross (Nitro RX). Created by motocross and rally car legend Travis Pastrana, Nitro RX brings together some of the best drivers in the world for a new generation of racing. In this episode of MotorMouths, Travis discusses the competition that brings your family cars that fly and tracks that thrill.

"Our goal is to make it as safe as possible, but also as exciting as possible," states Pastrana. Nitro RX brings game-changing, custom-built tracks that create challenges for top drivers including, Tanner FoustScott SpeedKen BlockTimmy HansenMattias Ekstrom.

Nitro RX brings together drivers across a variety of racing - from NASCAR to IndyCar; and pushes them to their limits.

Hear from Travis on what to expect from these drivers, their safety protocols, and so much more.  

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About Nitro Rallycross

Nitro RX joined the fray in 2018 and immediately made waves. Rallycross was ripe for the Nitro treatment, and the result was nothing short of game-changing, with a custom built track that featured the biggest man-made jump in rallycross history. Catch the latest news from the fast lane here >

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