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Performance Lifestyle Tips for a Busy 2022


The start of 2022 brings with it the tantalising prospect of a packed aquatics calendar for athletes, coaches and fans alike. 

But the first days in January are also a time when some people begin to act on their own list of New Year's resolutions, drawn up for the year ahead. 

We spoke to British Swimming Performance Lifestyle Advisor Josh Rudd to find out why the decision to make resolutions on 1st January is down to personal choice, how best to stay organised when things get busy - and why our athletes can benefit from activities away from the pool in the midst of a huge year of competitions...

Are goals or resolutions important to set heading into a new year - or is it down to personal preference?

Josh Rudd (JR): Given the environment we work in, goal-setting is a common feature throughout the year so I wouldn't necessarily advocate for setting New Year's resolutions to athletes. However, it can provide a good reset for some goals or the opportunity to start something new.

I always suggest setting 'start not stop resolutions' - focus on doing something new or that they want to start. For example, start walking to the pool more, start learning a language etc. If we reinforce with positives, we’re more likely to stick to them!

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