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Sun Safety: Tips to Help Soak Up the Sun

Summer is here and you know what that means: outdoor volleyball! Whether in the grass or on the sand, you’ll be basking in the warmth and improving your game. While you’re working in the sunshine, take steps to assure that sunshine doesn’t also do work on you.

FYI on Sunscreen SPF

The Higher the Better…Kinda

While it’s true that higher SPF sunscreens block more UV rays, there’s a limit. An SPF 15 lotion blocks roughly 93% of the sun’s harmful rays, while SPF 30 lotion blocks about 97%. That increase shrinks with SPF 50 and 100 lotions, which block 98% and 99%, respectively. There is no sunscreen that protects you completely, so pick an SPF that fits within your needs and your budget.

Re-apply Early and Often

Some sunscreens may claim to be waterproof, but no type will stay on all day, especially if you’re sweating or toweling off. Make sure to reapply your lotion at least every two hours, more frequently if you are working up a sweat.

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