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Four Ways 'Save My Spot' for Orthopedic Urgent Care Will Change Your Life

Your family is on the move with school back in session and fall sports in full swing. During this busy season, time is of the essence. How you spend your time matters when trying to juggle school, after-school sports, and everything in between.

You can't predict when your kid sprains an ankle during a game. All you know is that they play hard, and the time will probably come for an orthopedic urgent care trip. When unplanned moments happen, they can throw a wrench in your day. That's why we've created 'save my spot' to save you time and stress. 

Here are four ways you and your youth athlete can benefit from the online 'save my spot' option at TRIA:


1. Schedule from your phone

Your kid dashes across the soccer field to score a goal and twists her ankle. Of course, you're nowhere near a computer, and it's at least a 25-minute drive to the nearest orthopedic urgent care. That's when being able to save your spot in line from your phone is a significant timesaver. Using the save my spot option at TRIA, you can get in line long before you pile into the car to head to the clinic.

2. Less waiting in a lobby

Get in and get out. When it's 5:30 p.m. on a Tuesday, and your youngest took a fall at hockey practice, the last thing you want to do is spend several hours sitting in a waiting room. This significantly shortens the time you sit in the waiting room; in some cases, you'll be brought to a room right after checking in. The save my spot option at TRIA gives you an idea of when it'll be time to check in to see the doctor.

3. Unscheduled urgencies can be scheduled

In the past, a sudden sports injury could make the next few hours feel like a black hole swallowed them. With the save my spot option at TRIA, you can keep the structure and routine you build into your days and feel more in control. It eliminates surprises and makes things transparent when you know the timeframe you'll be working with to get seen by a doctor. No more anxious waiting and wondering if the wait will be 20 minutes or two hours – you'll walk in knowing what to expect.

4. Get your time back

A sudden need for a trip to orthopedic urgent care can make you painfully aware of how few hours there are in a day. With the save my spot option at TRIA, an injured elbow during tennis practice doesn't have to disrupt your crammed schedule. The predictability and ability to get in line virtually lets you tend to the other stuff in your life while you wait.

You have enough to worry about with a new injury; there is no need to stress over your time and schedule. Get your time – and your life – back with the save my spot option offered at our four convenient TRIA Orthopedic Urgent Care locations.

If an unexpected injury happens, go to to see wait times and save your spot in line before heading to the clinic.

About the Author

As a primary care sports medicine physician, Carter Muench, MD enjoys helping patients of all ages understand and recover from their musculoskeletal injury. He uses his experience gained on the sideline, clinic and in the emergency department, to care for a wide spectrum of orthopedic problems. He values the personal connection with patients and strives to provide the highest quality of care. In his spare time, Dr. Muench loves to be outdoors and spend time with his wife and three children.

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