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5 New Year's Resolutions for Youth Sports Athletes

2023 is finally here! As we embark on another year, now is the time for athletes to put their New Year's resolutions into motion.

Families are busy, and their young athletes' schedules are packed with sports and school. However, one thing parents can do to help them improve their game this upcoming season is to talk about creating resolutions (or goals) with them for 2023. Goals setting helps set out a plan for what's important and helps keep them focused. Having specific and attainable goals allows kids to feel a sense of achievement as they check them off throughout the year. Here are a few achievable resolutions you can discuss with your kids for 2023.

1. Set smart goals for the year.  

Provided by our partners at TrueSport, these short-term goals pay off a larger initiative. Such as, shooting 200 free throws every week can improve an athlete's overall basketball game. Learn more about goal setting here

2. Focus on nutrition and hydration.

Athletes who focus on proper fueling perform at higher levels than those who do not. "Hydration needs are also a bit higher, due to the fact that children have more surface area on their body proportionate to their weight, so they dehydrate faster than adults do," says TrueSport Expert and registered dietitian Kristen Ziesmer. She also suggests athletes eat a small snack an hour before practice to give them time to digest their food. Youth athletes need roughly one gram of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight. Learn more about proper fueling here

3. Practice good sportsmanship.

USA Football states athletes must remain respectful of their teammates and their opponent. In their article, "How to win like a champion," they say, "No matter how lopsided the score may be, they deserve respect for giving their all and not giving up. That takes guts, especially if the score is heavily lopsided." Read the full article and discover more tips on sportsmanship here

4. Prioritize mental health.

Athletes who prioritize their mental health and focus on the positives of youth sports are more likely to succeed. Join the discussion on how youth sports can affect athletes in Positive Coaching Alliance's webinar here 

5. Try new sports.

Multi-sport athletes are more likely not to be scared to fail and write their own stories. Just look at Patrick Mahomes, who, according to his high school athletic director, was "the poster boy for multi-sport athletes." Learn more from Patrick and find new sports near you using's directory.

Remember, it's important to set achievable resolutions and to be patient and consistent in working toward them. Athletes can make significant progress in the coming year with hard work and dedication!

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