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Youth Sports Continue to Follow CDC Guidelines to Help Teams Get to the Finish

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic is not over. In fact, more states than not are seeing an upward trend in cases.

Whether it’s keeping your child home if they just don’t feel right, making sure they always have their own water bottle, or pushing sanitizer like never before, doing so is helping keep the team safe and healthy.

The coaches should be policing themselves and their players, ensuring whatever rules are in place in your area are being followed.

It’s up to the parents to do the same. Masks must be worn, and social distancing enforced. This includes not only in the bleachers or near the sidelines, but anywhere else you might wander during practices and games. 

Parents should also try to avoid carpooling if at all possible. But if you do, masks should be worn until it’s just your immediate family left after all the drop-offs.

The best part about this pandemic for many has been the startup of youth sports. It wasn’t easy and there are no guarantees that your team will make it to the end of the season without an outbreak.

But there is one guarantee: Continuing to follow the safety protocols that have worked so far will increase your team’s chances of getting to the end of the season healthy. 

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