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Youth Athletes Get Creative As They Incorporate Sports at Home

The Coronavirus pandemic is still taking a toll on sport with a number of youth sports events and seasons continuing to be suspended or canceled. This means athletes, parents, and coaches need to get creative with ways to brings sports and activities to their house, driveway, or backyard.

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Here's our pick of the best and most creative home workout and sports practice videos that athletes have been creating to help keep us all active and healthy during this time at home.

Create your own practice device

This creative volleyball player made a practice tool she could use with no partner, featuring a bucket, bungee cords, pool noodles, and duct tape

Use at home items for extra creativity and challenges

This young athlete challenges you to see how many times you can volley a tennis ball with a frying pan 

Use obstacles around the house to make practice more difficult

It's hard to challenge yourself without a coach and equipment, but use things you can find around the house to add obstacles to your drills

Check out this easy, DIY indoor air hockey

Air hockey is likely a sport your kid doesn't get to play too often. Create your own game using towels, plates, or other kitchen materials

Challenge yourself to get more juggles in a row

Great and easy indoor drill for soccer players (as long as you don't break any lamps!) Count the number of juggles you get in a row and try to beat that everyday.

Have a mini hoop and ball in your house?

Give this #InHouseChallenge a try from University of North Carolina women's hooper Leah Church.


Self-isolation? No problem. 

This soccer player came up with a creative way of continuing his goalkeeping practice in his backyard


These two brothers found a local park

They play baseball with each other when it's empty using a plastic bat and ball


What better time to host your own at-home dunk contest?

This mini hooper has even added in obstacles to make it interesting


Who said it was impossible to play catch with yourself?

This kid is finding a way to challenge himself to catch a football he throws, using his house as the obstacle


Practicing balance and control with equipment at home

USA Beach Volleyball player, Sara Hughes, is using her driveway, a board, and a foam roller to practice her ball control and balance.


Practicing like your idols

Even with no sports on, these two young gymnast hopefuls watch replays of Aly Raisman and practice her routine alongside her in their living room


Practice drills & skills consistently

Being at home is the perfect time for soccer players to practice their handles, this young footballers just happens to be quite advanced...


Lacrosse practice can happen at home!

Check out these examples of young Lax players getting in reps indoors 


Bring tennis inside

If you have a net and a big enough room, indoor tennis is safe, fun AND intense!


If you have little to no sports equipment at home

Use household items to create games such as this game of fly swatter hockey



Hockey players try to find ways to practice their skills in their driveway. Here's a great example of using obstacles and challenges as well


Bring challenges into activities

This father-son duo is staying active together during this hilarious #InHouseChallenge


Be competitive with the kids

This dad isn't letting his son get a single strike on him as he teaches him how to pitch in the backyard

Do you have a game, activity, or sports hack you've found works well at home? We'd love to see it! Tweet or post your videos using the hashtag #SportsAtHome and tag us for a chance to be featured! Or email [email protected]

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