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Your Most Powerful Sport Parenting Tool

What is your most powerful sports parenting tool? I would argue the tool you have that has the biggest impact on who your children become and how much they gain from playing sports is the words that come out of your mouth.

It’s interesting what you remember from your childhood. Maybe you recall when a coach called you slow or stupid, a teacher said you were smart and were going to do great things someday, or a peer laughed at your low grades or slow running.

These memories all connect to one another and become who we are and the words that stick in your mind shape you the most.

Your parenting words have tremendous power. Be picky about the ones you choose.

Choose words that express love. Choose words that convey your belief in your child. Choose words that emphasize hope.

When a hard conversation must be had with your child, choose words sandwiched in love. Choose words that challenge your child to think and find their own solutions. Choose words that build up, not tear down. Choose words that speak life.

Be picky about the words you say to your kids. They WILL shape your child’s life.

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