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Good Wrestling Moves for Heavyweights


Heavyweights especially use the move because it doesn't require lowering the hips or twisting, which are difficult motions for heavyweights to make in a quick manner.

No other weight class in wrestling requires a specialized technique more than the heavyweight class. Competitors who qualify as heavyweights weigh between 220 and 285 pounds and that prevents many from completing moves that lighter wrestlers can do. There are no rules limiting what moves heavyweights can try, but to be successful, heavyweights must study which moves work with their particular body weight and strength.

Bodylock With Outside Step

Bodylocks are popular with heavyweight wrestlers because the move can be done completely from the standing position, and that is where a heavyweight has the most power. From a neutral position tie-up, drop your arms and bear-hug your opponent above the hips, making sure to trap one of his arms in the hug, according to 

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