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5 Most Effective Features of an Off-Mat Wrestling Workout


It is no secret that the best wrestlers train both on and off the mats all year round. They are constantly trying to round out the edges of their physical development with more and more effective strategies for training. And the best wrestlers attack their training tactically so they get the biggest return on their energy investment. There are many possible solutions to include in a wrestlers workout. That is the confusing part, as wrestlers need many physical qualities to be successful. In this short article, Coach Bott will guide you through the 5 most effective features of an off-mat wrestling workout.

5 Features of Off-Mat Wrestling Workouts

  1. Quality Conditioning

It is noted that winners of wrestling competitions are less acidic than the losers. This means their workouts include an abundance of high quality conditioning sessions which lead to an improved ability to oxidize fuel and avoid ‘ the burn’ at fast competition paces. Trained muscles consume 1.5 times more oxygen than untrained muscles. Each conditioning session should have enough rest between intervals to recycle the acid produced. You will know you have had enough rest if you can complete each interval at the same pace and intensity. If you are getting slower; you are, in fact, getting SLOWER!

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